Tuesday, 27 November 2012

TeenModeling.Tv Photographer Charged with Sexual Assualt and Child Pornography

As we mentioned in our previous post, the Colorado based "child modeling" agency TeenModeling.Tv has photographers located in various different parts of the world which produce images that are then sold to pedophiles over the internet. One of these photographers is located in Canada and headed up the Canadian section of the TeenModeling.Tv website.

Meet Jason Sawyer AKA Jay Sawyer, of St.Thomas, Ontario, Canada:

Here's his profile on the TeenModeling.Tv website.

Earlier this year, Jasons sexual interest in children got him into trouble and made the news all over Canada after being charged for sexual assault and child pornography:

Southwold photographer charged with sexual assault

The Ontario Provincial Police issued a release Tuesday stating 31-year old Jason Sawyer is being charged with three counts each of sexual assault and sexual interference, one count of counseling to commit sexual assault and one count each of making possession and accessing child pornography.

International Partnerships Results with Charges Laid in Internet Child Sexual Exploitation Investigation:
The investigation began after information was received from United States authorities that the homeowner was communicating via the Internet with an individual in Colorado for the purposes of facilitating sexual offences against children.  The investigation also revealed that the accused was sexually abusing children in Ontario.

Southwold man caught in huge bust:
Through a police investigation, the sergeant says a fourth potential victim has been identified and Sawyer is now facing one additional charge each of sexual assault and sexual interference.
Police confiscated Sawyer's computers and external media devices and investigators are still combing through the data.
At one time, Sawyer operated a photography company that catered to young female models, Jay Sawyer Photography

Southwold photographer charged for child porn
Sawyer operated Jay Sawyer Photography in St. Thomas, police said.
In an online photography sharing site last updated two years ago, Sawyer posted 18 pictures, many of them of young females.
"I am currently seeking models of all ages (both adult and child) for photo shoots for 2009 in Ontario," Sawyer posted.

Here's a screenshot of the Jay Sawyer Photography website before it went down:

And who exactly registered this website?

Hazard a guess?

Well, take a look for yourself:

That's right, Rodney Kress, the owner of TeenModeling.Tv, himself. Rodney doesn't let the fact that one of his photographers has been arrested for sexual assault and child pornography deter him, in fact he even continues to sell the images produced by Jason Sawyer on his website:

It's at times like this, you're reminded of just how much of a lie TeenModeling.Tv is to children like those pictured, promising them dreams of hope:
"Teen Modeling TV provides a high profile portfolio presence for teen models and child models as well as photographers and other associated talent."

...While delivering them to pedophiles on a plate.

To the people which facilitate and are involved in exploiting children on websites like this: we will find you.

We are Anonymous.

Expect us.


Thursday, 22 November 2012

TeenModeling.Tv - Germany

Child modeling agencies often contract photographers from other countries to produce photographs on behalf of themselves. Rodney Kress of TeenModeling.Tv is no different: while Rodney photographs girls himself, many of his photographers are located in various different parts of the world, we'll get to each one eventually, but today we'll talk about Rodneys photographer from Germany, known as Heiko Voigt:

Heiko Voigt of Dresden, Germany
Heiko provides images to Rodney which are then sold on the TeenModeling.Tv website, available for download to any pervert on the internet. These are just a few of the children being used by Heiko:

Heiko operates a small-time and largely unsuccessful photography business of his own:


Here's his profile on MySpace:


And Facebook:


We will expose the people behind the cameras and websites, exploiting children on the internet.

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Rodney and the Forbidden Realms

Philip Thompson AKA "Librarian" of Stockton-on-Tees, UK
19 August 2008:
Fifteen British children have been saved from a life of sexual abuse after undercover police smashed a worldwide internet paedophile ring.

At its centre was 27-year-old Philip Thompson, dubbed 'the librarian' after police recovered a million photographs and films of children that were stored electronically at his home. He was senior administrator of an online forum where 10,000 members traded sickening images - some showing rape...

Forum members, introduced by a trusted 'friend', would post disturbing pictures of children on the forum - most of them borderline legal - before commenting on the images. They would then arrange to meet in an online 'private room' outside the forum where they could share their depraved lusts and swap horrific images. 

Thompsons partner in crime was Kevin Rose AKA "The Lord" of Winnipeg, Canada:

The bulk of the photos involved nude posing and did not include sex acts. Police also uncovered chat room logs in which Rose solicited nude photos of children, "not spread shots."

"This isn't stuff he downloaded from the Internet, it's stuff he requested," said Crown attorney Terry McComb.

In the child modeling world they're referred to as "custom shoots"or "custom sets" - made to order sets of up to 100 images, more often than not, of illegal images. Thompson and Rose operated the pedophile forum known as "The Forbidden Realms." As mentioned above, the forums were established as a place where pedophiles could share child modeling images with each other and network in to trade illegal images privately.

Rose didn't just operate The Forbidden Realms, he had also purchased the Russian based child modeling agency "Shadow Land Modeling" - which he renamed to be "FReasternproductions" (stands for "Forbidden Realms Eastern Productions").

Shadow Land Modeling
There are rumors that the children from "FReasternproductions" have been used in the production of child pornography images. Since the Forbidden Realms had dissolved after the arrest of its senior members, the photographer who had operated Shadow Land Modeling and then FReasternproductions had to find a new place to go.

Any guesses as to where he went next?

Wait for it....

Rodney Kress acquired him and set him up with a place on his website so that he could continue to produce his child modeling images which he has done to this day. He currently goes by the name "Nick" and still photographs many of the same girls which were used back on Shadow Land Modeling.

Friday, 16 November 2012

"G-rated and appropriate for all"

Rodney Kress
This is how Rodney Kress, the owner of TeenModeling.Tv describes his child modeling agency:
"Teen Modeling TV provides a high profile portfolio presence for teen models and child models as well as photographers and other associated talent. The site functions much the same as MySpace. Teen Modeling TV Community members can upload and update their own profiles with images, content and video, browse other portfolios and add images to the community galleries! Lots of cool interactive functions are being added, helping TMTV to function much better as a networking resource and as a medium of exposure for aspiring and professional talent. Uploaded images are moderated before going live on the site keeping the site content g-rated and appropriate for all. Casting agents, scouts, fans and everyone interested is invited to participate."
Essentially, Rodney tries to portray his website as a place where children looking to be models can get a start at their dream career. The reality however couldn't be further from the truth.

Apart from the introductory message, Rodneys agency appears to be like any other child modeling agency which has come before it. In fact before Rodney published his message about being "G-rated" and having "lots of cool interactive functions" and moved his all his images to SnapGalaxy, his websites even looked pretty much the same as other modeling websites and even used the some of the same models:

"Hope" model (not her real name) was featured on child modeling websites produced by the Webe Web Corporation (left hand side image) shortly before the owners of the websites were arrested, charged and sentenced for child pornography offenses. After Webe Web closed down, Rodney thought it would be a good idea to bring Hope to his agency. He later changed his mind and dropped her, this is allegedly a comment made by Hopes mother on the matter:
"Hey Everyone,I wanted everyone to know that Rodney at teenmodeling Tv dropped Hope and Ashley from his site.He wasn’t happy with the choice of Marie Modeling for TTB (FYI: "Marie" is "Hopes" older sister) so he doesn’t want to work with me or my Models.I’m sorry it had to end this way,but I really don’t think it was any of his businness about what Marie did,but he did and he pulled Hope and Ashley down off his site this Morning."
In his introductory message, Rodney exclaims: "Casting agents, scouts, fans and everyone interested is invited to participate." - At a glance this sounds innocent enough, but let me ask you: what exactly does a fan or someone interested in Rodneys website look like?


...Well, I can show you, here's one now:

Meet Kevin Lagasse of New Britain, Connecticut.

Kevin has a long history of involvement in child modeling websites and forums, he's currently active on the Web Models Supporters Forum, where Rodney uploads samples of his TeenModeling.Tv material. Here's some comments made by Kevin (AKA KL71):

:heart Strange name...cute girl! Thank you for these samples! :clap
:wub As awesomely beautiful as Jaycie is in these bikini previews, her next set looks even more beautiful than this...despite the fact she's showing LESS skin overall. Khaki shorts anyone? :cool_thumb
People like Rodney Kress aren't about making children's dreams come true or furthering anyone's  career but their own. They're self-serving: driven by greed, manipulating and exploiting whoever they can in order to generate a profit. While the images of the children photographed will circulate the internet amongst perverts like Kevin Lagasse for an eternity.

There's plenty more information to come on people like this.

Expect us.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

The 14th of November - A Day of Reprisal

Greetings citizens of the world,

We are Anonymous.

Today marks the birth of a new campaign directed at addressing websites which sell non-nude sexually suggestive images of children to pedophiles over the internet.

For over a decade child modeling websites have operated with impunity, producing photographs of children (mostly young girls) for the sexual pleasure of pedophiles. Due to the fact that the children being photographed aren't entirely naked, law enforcement agencies are unable to prosecute the individuals involved in producing and marketing these images (please note, that while members of the law enforcement community find these images just as distasteful as you or I, their hands are tied on the matter).

 #OpExposure aims to expose the unscrupulous individuals involved in child modeling agencies who are ultimately responsible for the production of these images.

It's no coincidence that we should choose the 14th of November to mark the beginning of this campaign, as this is a significant day on the calender for the pedophiles which collect these images. The 14th of November is the birthday of probably the most well-known child model in the world, a girl known as "Sandra" (not her real name). Sandra is Russian girl who was featured on child modeling websites since a young age and continued modeling up until only recently (she's now in her twenties). During the time in which she modeled she was used to also produce child pornography images.

"Sandra" - Child Model

What's happening to these children is unethical and has no place in a civilized society, they're being exploited and something needs to be done to ensure the people responsible are held accountable for it.

Rodney Kress of TeenModeling.TV
The first child modeling agency of interest, operates out of Boulder, Colorado of the United States and is known as "TeenModeling.TV" (TMTV). TeenModeling.TV was formed in the early 2000's, by Rodney Kress, who has operated and expanded the agency significantly since then.

Throughout the years in which TMTV has been active, Kress has acquired models from other child modeling agencies such as "FReasternproductions" (an off-shoot of the now defunct Forbidden Realms Forums which were closed due to child pornography) and the Webe Web Corporation which operated "ChildSuperModels" (and was also closed due to child pornography).

Today TeenModeling.TV is one of the largest active child modeling websites available, having had well over a 100 child models on their roster. Rodney promotes his agency by uploading sample images on the Web Models Supporters Forum (WMSF) - a forum where pedophiles congregate to get their jollies off over the images provided. The following comments come from the WMSF forums and were made in regards to photos of prepubescent girls from TMTV:

"WOW!!! What a cutie!!! Love the fact that she's a little on the pudgy side. :drool"

"How about a set of hanna doing a yoga scene or workin out inspandex or cafey shorts"

"Gorgeous hosed legs and feet :heart :heart :heart :heart :heart"

Kress uses a unique system for selling his child modeling images, a website known as "SnapGalaxy" which hosts and provides the software required. If SnapGalaxy were to discontinue to their service to Rodney, it would cripple his ability to source an income for his agency.

We implore you to ask SnapGalaxy for yourself why they allow their service to used as a means to sexually exploit children:


Child modeling websites are a problem which has been allowed to continue unopposed for far too long, now is the time for action.

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.