Friday, 16 November 2012

"G-rated and appropriate for all"

Rodney Kress
This is how Rodney Kress, the owner of TeenModeling.Tv describes his child modeling agency:
"Teen Modeling TV provides a high profile portfolio presence for teen models and child models as well as photographers and other associated talent. The site functions much the same as MySpace. Teen Modeling TV Community members can upload and update their own profiles with images, content and video, browse other portfolios and add images to the community galleries! Lots of cool interactive functions are being added, helping TMTV to function much better as a networking resource and as a medium of exposure for aspiring and professional talent. Uploaded images are moderated before going live on the site keeping the site content g-rated and appropriate for all. Casting agents, scouts, fans and everyone interested is invited to participate."
Essentially, Rodney tries to portray his website as a place where children looking to be models can get a start at their dream career. The reality however couldn't be further from the truth.

Apart from the introductory message, Rodneys agency appears to be like any other child modeling agency which has come before it. In fact before Rodney published his message about being "G-rated" and having "lots of cool interactive functions" and moved his all his images to SnapGalaxy, his websites even looked pretty much the same as other modeling websites and even used the some of the same models:

"Hope" model (not her real name) was featured on child modeling websites produced by the Webe Web Corporation (left hand side image) shortly before the owners of the websites were arrested, charged and sentenced for child pornography offenses. After Webe Web closed down, Rodney thought it would be a good idea to bring Hope to his agency. He later changed his mind and dropped her, this is allegedly a comment made by Hopes mother on the matter:
"Hey Everyone,I wanted everyone to know that Rodney at teenmodeling Tv dropped Hope and Ashley from his site.He wasn’t happy with the choice of Marie Modeling for TTB (FYI: "Marie" is "Hopes" older sister) so he doesn’t want to work with me or my Models.I’m sorry it had to end this way,but I really don’t think it was any of his businness about what Marie did,but he did and he pulled Hope and Ashley down off his site this Morning."
In his introductory message, Rodney exclaims: "Casting agents, scouts, fans and everyone interested is invited to participate." - At a glance this sounds innocent enough, but let me ask you: what exactly does a fan or someone interested in Rodneys website look like?


...Well, I can show you, here's one now:

Meet Kevin Lagasse of New Britain, Connecticut.

Kevin has a long history of involvement in child modeling websites and forums, he's currently active on the Web Models Supporters Forum, where Rodney uploads samples of his TeenModeling.Tv material. Here's some comments made by Kevin (AKA KL71):
:heart Strange name...cute girl! Thank you for these samples! :clap
:wub As awesomely beautiful as Jaycie is in these bikini previews, her next set looks even more beautiful than this...despite the fact she's showing LESS skin overall. Khaki shorts anyone? :cool_thumb
People like Rodney Kress aren't about making children's dreams come true or furthering anyone's  career but their own. They're self-serving: driven by greed, manipulating and exploiting whoever they can in order to generate a profit. While the images of the children photographed will circulate the internet amongst perverts like Kevin Lagasse for an eternity.

There's plenty more information to come on people like this.

Expect us.

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