Sunday, 18 November 2012

Rodney and the Forbidden Realms

Philip Thompson AKA "Librarian" of Stockton-on-Tees, UK
19 August 2008:
Fifteen British children have been saved from a life of sexual abuse after undercover police smashed a worldwide internet paedophile ring.

At its centre was 27-year-old Philip Thompson, dubbed 'the librarian' after police recovered a million photographs and films of children that were stored electronically at his home. He was senior administrator of an online forum where 10,000 members traded sickening images - some showing rape...

Forum members, introduced by a trusted 'friend', would post disturbing pictures of children on the forum - most of them borderline legal - before commenting on the images. They would then arrange to meet in an online 'private room' outside the forum where they could share their depraved lusts and swap horrific images. 

Thompsons partner in crime was Kevin Rose AKA "The Lord" of Winnipeg, Canada:

The bulk of the photos involved nude posing and did not include sex acts. Police also uncovered chat room logs in which Rose solicited nude photos of children, "not spread shots."

"This isn't stuff he downloaded from the Internet, it's stuff he requested," said Crown attorney Terry McComb.

In the child modeling world they're referred to as "custom shoots"or "custom sets" - made to order sets of up to 100 images, more often than not, of illegal images. Thompson and Rose operated the pedophile forum known as "The Forbidden Realms." As mentioned above, the forums were established as a place where pedophiles could share child modeling images with each other and network in to trade illegal images privately.

Rose didn't just operate The Forbidden Realms, he had also purchased the Russian based child modeling agency "Shadow Land Modeling" - which he renamed to be "FReasternproductions" (stands for "Forbidden Realms Eastern Productions").

Shadow Land Modeling
There are rumors that the children from "FReasternproductions" have been used in the production of child pornography images. Since the Forbidden Realms had dissolved after the arrest of its senior members, the photographer who had operated Shadow Land Modeling and then FReasternproductions had to find a new place to go.

Any guesses as to where he went next?

Wait for it....

Rodney Kress acquired him and set him up with a place on his website so that he could continue to produce his child modeling images which he has done to this day. He currently goes by the name "Nick" and still photographs many of the same girls which were used back on Shadow Land Modeling.

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