Tuesday, 27 November 2012

TeenModeling.Tv Photographer Charged with Sexual Assualt and Child Pornography

As we mentioned in our previous post, the Colorado based "child modeling" agency TeenModeling.Tv has photographers located in various different parts of the world which produce images that are then sold to pedophiles over the internet. One of these photographers is located in Canada and headed up the Canadian section of the TeenModeling.Tv website.

Meet Jason Sawyer AKA Jay Sawyer, of St.Thomas, Ontario, Canada:

Here's his profile on the TeenModeling.Tv website.

Earlier this year, Jasons sexual interest in children got him into trouble and made the news all over Canada after being charged for sexual assault and child pornography:

Southwold photographer charged with sexual assault

The Ontario Provincial Police issued a release Tuesday stating 31-year old Jason Sawyer is being charged with three counts each of sexual assault and sexual interference, one count of counseling to commit sexual assault and one count each of making possession and accessing child pornography.

International Partnerships Results with Charges Laid in Internet Child Sexual Exploitation Investigation:
The investigation began after information was received from United States authorities that the homeowner was communicating via the Internet with an individual in Colorado for the purposes of facilitating sexual offences against children.  The investigation also revealed that the accused was sexually abusing children in Ontario.

Southwold man caught in huge bust:
Through a police investigation, the sergeant says a fourth potential victim has been identified and Sawyer is now facing one additional charge each of sexual assault and sexual interference.
Police confiscated Sawyer's computers and external media devices and investigators are still combing through the data.
At one time, Sawyer operated a photography company that catered to young female models, Jay Sawyer Photography

Southwold photographer charged for child porn
Sawyer operated Jay Sawyer Photography in St. Thomas, police said.
In an online photography sharing site last updated two years ago, Sawyer posted 18 pictures, many of them of young females.
"I am currently seeking models of all ages (both adult and child) for photo shoots for 2009 in Ontario," Sawyer posted.

Here's a screenshot of the Jay Sawyer Photography website before it went down:

And who exactly registered this website?

Hazard a guess?

Well, take a look for yourself:

That's right, Rodney Kress, the owner of TeenModeling.Tv, himself. Rodney doesn't let the fact that one of his photographers has been arrested for sexual assault and child pornography deter him, in fact he even continues to sell the images produced by Jason Sawyer on his website:

It's at times like this, you're reminded of just how much of a lie TeenModeling.Tv is to children like those pictured, promising them dreams of hope:
"Teen Modeling TV provides a high profile portfolio presence for teen models and child models as well as photographers and other associated talent."

...While delivering them to pedophiles on a plate.

To the people which facilitate and are involved in exploiting children on websites like this: we will find you.

We are Anonymous.

Expect us.


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