Thursday, 22 November 2012

TeenModeling.Tv - Germany

Child modeling agencies often contract photographers from other countries to produce photographs on behalf of themselves. Rodney Kress of TeenModeling.Tv is no different: while Rodney photographs girls himself, many of his photographers are located in various different parts of the world, we'll get to each one eventually, but today we'll talk about Rodneys photographer from Germany, known as Heiko Voigt:

Heiko Voigt of Dresden, Germany
Heiko provides images to Rodney which are then sold on the TeenModeling.Tv website, available for download to any pervert on the internet. These are just a few of the children being used by Heiko:

Heiko operates a small-time and largely unsuccessful photography business of his own:

Here's his profile on MySpace:

And Facebook:

We will expose the people behind the cameras and websites, exploiting children on the internet.

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