Saturday, 1 December 2012

'For Portfolio and Self Promotion Purposes'

Around 2007, it appears Rodney set up a website as a kind of sub-project to TeenModeling.Tv, registering the domain name "" The website was similar in content to TeenModeling.Tv, purporting to be a child modeling website:
"Rodney Kress is a professional photographer based in Boulder, Colorado.  With a focus on teen and child modeling photography, he creates high quality  images for models  and actors of all ages to use in their portfolio and for self promotion purposes...."

I wonder why Rodney doesn't mention that his 'promotional images' are sold to pedophiles and perverts over the internet?

What's interesting to note about this website is that it appears to have been created by Aidem Media, Inc. Aidem Media, Inc was a small time-project of Chris Cloonan (who currently resides in Lakewood, Colorado). Cloonan also happens to have worked as a photographer for TeenModeling.Tv.
Chris Cloonan - Photographer for TeenModeling.Tv
Some of Cloonans online profiles can be found below:

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