Thursday, 27 December 2012

"Producing Teen and Child Model Pictures (for Pedophiles)"

Imaprog SRL was a child modeling agency which operated out of the small Eastern European country of Moldova on the border between the Ukraine and Romania. Families living in former Soviet-bloc countries like this, exist under a lot of financial pressure due to the economic situation. The hardship these families have faced make them vulnerable to unscrupulous, greedy individuals like the ones which operated Imaprog SRL, looking to profit:

An archived copy of the Imaprog SRL website

The following children were featured on websites operated by Imaprog SRL:

Images of these children are still circulated by pedophiles over the internet today.

The following people were involved in operating Imaprog SRL (their respective positions are noted):

Oliver Perret - Director

Kevin Schramm - Director

Alexandr Chiper - Accountant

Vladimir Borovkov - Designer

Oleg Kirgan - Photographer

Andrei Perciun - Programmer

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