Friday, 28 December 2012

"Only art images you will find here"

Dream-Studio is a child modeling agency based out of Odessa in the Ukraine and while most Dream-Studio websites will be prefaced with disclaimers such as this:
All models on this site have their parents consent to appear on this site and have signed authorization and Model release paper. NO NUDE or sexual oriented pictures inside. Only art images you will find here.
The websites are clearly designed to appeal to pedophiles and the children depicted are being exploited:

I'm sure all artistic websites offer "membership" subscriptions to pedophiles and child molesters.

It's rumored that Dream-Studio was initially formed as a child pornography agency known as "Angels Around," but later re-branded themselves as Dream-Studio and produced "Non-Nude" images instead.

Dream-Studio is believed to be owned by Dmitry Shaparenko, who photographs many of the images personally:

Another photographer for this agency is Angelina Tarasenko:

To anyone who exploits children on websites like these: Expect us.

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