Saturday, 29 June 2013

Reb's "Fine Arts" Galleries

Donald Raymond Croft II AKA Donald Croft II, Donald R Croft, Rebel Shooter, Reb operated a child modelling agency known as "Reb's Fine Arts Galleries" from his home in Livonia, Michigan up until he was arrested in 2012 on child pornography charges stemming from some of the images he'd produced.
"Croft stated that he did produce child pornography. He stated he believed the photographs he captured were art. Croft was asked why girls, under 18 years, were featured on his website wearing provocative clothing. He stated he did not feel clothing could be provocative. Croft was informed PayPal filed a complaint against him for selling soiled clothing worn by underage girls. He stated the clothing was not soiled and he did try and sell the used clothing worn by all his models; under or over 18 years of age;"
Following Crofts arrest, Susan Johnston Clinton of Virginia Beach, Virginia was arrested and charged in connection to Crofts website, for aiding in the production of child pornography.

After viewing several of the photos - some of which showed the girl nude except for body paint or wearing fishnet stockings and corsets - Clinton said they should not have been posted on the Internet. She said photos depicting nudity should have been deleted.

During the same interview, however, Clinton said she was "OK" with Croft taking the photos, documents said. She described some of the outfits the girl wore as "age inappropriate" but said she did not have a problem with them.

She said she thought the photographs were used for advertising, maybe for Halloween costumes. She said Croft told her the photos were not child pornography and that he was going to make a book with "art" photos.
Susan Johnston Clinton

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