Thursday, 6 June 2013

"Our business model is quite simple."

Our business model is quite simple. We sell memberships to access digital photography of young, beautiful models. We keep costs associated with development low and attempt to sell as many memberships as possible via proven web marketing techniques. The number of memberships that can be sold is virtually unlimited so the profit potential is great. Our customer base is the entire Internet-enabled population.

-  Models Elite

Robert Ash
Models Elite is a little known child modeling agency, that was operated by Robert Ash of San Francisco, California. While Ash's endeavor into child modeling appears to have been markedly unsuccessful, it hasn't stopped him from being particularly outspoken in defending his right to take photos of underage girls and to sell the images to pedophiles over the internet.

Like many of these types of so-called child modeling websites, Ash operated a forum to promote his agency. At a glance through some of the topics listed, it appears he used to facilitate live "webcam" shows involving children featured on his website and his venom and animosity towards societies contempt for people like him which sexually exploit children in this manner is also apparent:

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