Wednesday, 10 April 2013

"Friends of Models" Website Operated by Convicted Child Molester

Friends Of Web Models Logo
"Friends Of Web Models" was a forum for pedophiles which promoted various child modeling websites. The forum was operated by a convicted child sex offender known as James Frazee AKA Cd8dad, who also happened to operate his own child modeling agency on top of the forum; that is until he was busted:

2 Charged in Monroe Child Porn Web Site
A registered sex offender and his girlfriend, who have been living in Monroe, are being held on federal and state charges of operating a child pornographic Web site that earned them up to $1,000 a week, federal officials said.

James Frazee of Monroe, Michigan
James Frazee, 52, who was convicted of sexually assaulting a girl younger than 13 in 1990 and 1993, is being held in the Monroe County jail and faces federal prosecution for possession of child pornography. His girlfriend, Patricia Podgajski, 45, is in the Wayne County jail on federal sexual exploitation of a minor charges.

 U.S. Assistant Attorney Louis Gabel said the couple had been operating a child pornography Web site involving a picture of minor. "They were taking pictures (of at least one) minor and selling those images over the Internet," Mr. Gabel said. "Some were wearing provocative clothing."Mr. Gabel said federal authorities are continuing to examine computer images seized from the couple's rented home on Winchester St. There were an estimated 500,000 images on the computer that authorities are now reviewing. It is not known how many are considered child pornography."

Being charged as a recidivist sexual offender, it's unlike we will see him online any time soon. With Frazee in the slammer the Friends Of Web Models forum quickly disappeared from the internet; however one of the moderators from the forum, Neil Eagle AKA Vanwarrior of Glossop, United Kingdom - took it upon himself to set up some new forums, similar in style to the original Friends Of Web Models website.
Neil Eagle AKA Vanwarrior of Glossop, United Kingdom
Web Models Supporters Forum Logo
Eagle named his new forums "Web Models Supporters Forum;" true to its predecessor, Eagle provides a forum where pedophiles can drool over and exchange comments about "sample images" of girls uploaded by various child modeling websites.

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