Friday, 25 January 2013

"The Official Online Community of Webe Web Fans"

When the Webe Web Corporation was still active, Greenberg and Libman would promote their "child modeling" websites on forum known as the "Babble Club." Similar to how forums such as the Web Models Supporters Forum does today:
Webe Web also admitted that it promoted subscriptions to these individual sites through its free advertising website known as Babble Club. On Babble Club’s website, members could receive a free sample of images of the children. According to court documents, the website encouraged the purchase of subscriptions to the individual websites of the children, and hosted discussion boards and groups which were devoted to each individual website. Babble Club members made postings to the discussion boards, which included comments on specific images they liked, the type of clothing and poses they liked, and poetry written to the photographed child. Certain members posted expressions of fondness and devotion for a photographed child.
After the arrest and subsequent imprisonment of the owners of Webe Web Corporation, one of the former administrators from Babble Club, went on to set up a new forum known as "BabbleCafe" in homage to the original Babble Club forums and Webe Web. BabbleCafe, like its predecessor is frequented by pedophiles that collect and trade images of prepubescent children. BabbleCafe is owned and operated by Jerry Rico of Richmond, British Columbia, Canada.

Jerry Rico AKA BuffMan, administrator for Babble Club and owner of BabbleCafe

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