Sunday, 23 December 2012

From the Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan

Maxim Slugin
One of TeenModeling.Tv's most prolific photographers is a pervert from Kazakhstan, known as Maxim Slugin. Slugin doesn't only produce images for TeenModeling.Tv, he also photographs on behalf of another child modeling agency: Silver Angels.

Maxim Slugin photographing children for the sexual pleasure of pedophiles:

The children Slugin photographs tend to be quite young, Slugin is also very well aware of the fact that the people which purchase the images he sell are pedophiles. In fact Slugin personally signs up to pedophile forums like MI-Bay, where he mingles with the sexually dysfunctional consumers of his "work."

The following are just a few of the children photographed by this creep (he's photographed over 30 different children):

No child deserves to be exploited for the sexual pleasure of pedophiles.

Here's his Facebook account:

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